Ice pad

Time : 2020-12-07 10:43:26
【product manual】
This product is a high-tech cooling product independently developed by Shanghai Yishun Ice Bag Co., Ltd. It is developed based on the principle of physical phase change and combined with comprehensive factors such as human health care, heatstroke prevention and cooling. The magic and mystery of this product lies in the ice sand in the cushion. It is a snow ice-like substance mixed with natural minerals and polymer materials. When the human body touches the cushion, the ice sand absorbs body heat and makes people sit on it. It is cool and cool, and the smoothie slowly turns into liquid. When a person leaves the cushion, the liquid in the cushion will automatically return to a smoothie. Such repeated use can keep it cool for three years.
Main performance of ice sand pad:
1. The product is guaranteed to be 100% "smooth" pad. It can be used directly without electricity or any pre-cooling. The cooling effect is very obvious. Sitting and lying down for a few seconds can make the human body feel cool and comfortable. It's cool without feeling cold.
2. The car driver using this product has a good effect on eliminating fatigue, refreshing and concentrating. .
3. Beautiful and durable. Common specifications of this product are 15×30cm, 20×30cm, 30*35cm, 30×40cm, 45×45cm, 45×90cm, 90×90cm, 90×140cm, etc. It can also be customized according to customer needs. The outer jacket is made of high-quality fabric and composite PVC by high-frequency welding. It has a unique design and can withstand a pressure of 200 kg without breaking or leaking. It is beautiful and comfortable to sit and sleep.
4. It does not have any side effects to the human body, and can be used repeatedly for more than three years while keeping it cool for a long time.
Uses of ice pads: office cushions, family cushions, child sleeping cushions, driver cushions, pillow cushions, pet sleeping cushions, etc.
Applicable groups: the elderly, children, students, drivers, patients, office workers, and can not use air conditioning for a long time or sit and sleep for a long time.
How to use: After the smoothie pad absorbs the heat of the human body and turns into a liquid, just lay the cool pad flat on the shady floor for half an hour and it will automatically return to a smoothie. Use it repeatedly.
This product uses the latest technology-cold storage constant temperature phase change memory material. When the smoothie pad touches the human body, it absorbs the heat of the human body and slowly melts into a liquid. It always maintains a temperature difference of 6-7 degrees to keep the human body temperature at a comfortable and cool When the room temperature is below 27°C, it will automatically crystallize and reduce to a smoothie.
  1. The temperature of the cooling pad is set at 29 degrees Celsius and can be used directly. It does not require electricity, consumes no energy, and has an obvious cooling effect. You can feel cool and comfortable after contacting the human body for a few seconds. The direct contact with the human body will feel cool, but it will not be for a long time. Use and make people catch cold.
  2. The heat absorption of the nano smoothie pad is more than 35 times that of the water pad or gel pad of the same weight. The constant temperature time can reach 6-8 hours at 35°C. At 27°C, it can automatically crystallize within one hour and return to a smoothie solid state. The lower the temperature, the shorter the crystallization time.
 3. The inner filling is made of environmentally friendly materials, which does not harm the human body and can be used repeatedly for more than 3 years.
 4. The outer jacket is made of high-quality PVC material through high-frequency heat-sealing, which can withstand pressure of 200 kg without breaking.
   1. Please do not damage the surface with sharp objects or fireworks. If it is slightly damaged, it can be repaired with super glue.
   2. When using it for the elderly, infants and people with weak body, if it feels too cold, please spread another layer of cotton cloth.
   3. When the product is completely transformed into a liquid state, the refrigeration effect is relatively weak, it is best to crystallize in time, and the two can be used alternately if necessary.
   4. When the room temperature drops below 27°C, the cushion will automatically crystallize. If some areas are relatively hot, and the room temperature is always above 27°C, please soak in cold water or put it in the refrigerator or the side of the air conditioner at a lower temperature. The place for cooling and crystallization. The surface of the product has been water-repellent, so wipe it dry with a towel after contact with water.
   5. Please pay attention to the driver when using it. When the temperature is high, if you want to leave, please do not place the seat cushion in a place directly exposed to solar energy. It should be placed in a cool place or trunk. If the car has been maintaining a high temperature and cannot recrystallize, please refer to the fourth precautions.
   6. When used as a computer mat, because some computers have high temperature, the particles of the internal smoothie may be larger when they recrystallize after use. This is a normal phenomenon and can be used continuously. Recrystallization with warm water can improve this phenomenon.
   7. It is not machine washable, and it is not advisable to clean the surface with a hard brush. If there is sweat or dirt, wipe it with a towel, and use detergent.
   8. Please put it in a cool place and avoid direct sunlight.
   9. The materials inside cannot be eaten.
【Company Profile】
   Shanghai Yishun Ice Bag Co., Ltd. is a limited liability company integrating production, processing, distribution and wholesale. Ice bags, hot bags, instant heat bags, instant cold bags, ice boxes, eye masks, face masks, biological hot and cold bags, wine sets, hand warmers, Ice towels and ice pads are the main products of Shanghai Yishun Ice Bag Co., Ltd. Shanghai Yishun Ice Bag Co., Ltd. is an enterprise approved and registered by relevant state departments. Shanghai Yishun Ice Bag Co., Ltd. has established long-term cooperative relations with many enterprises with strong strength, reasonable prices and excellent services. Shanghai Yishun Ice Bag Co., Ltd. sincerely welcomes all walks of life to visit, inspect and negotiate business.