ice box

Time : 2020-12-07 10:50:12
【product description】 
1. This product is a substitute for ice, and the effect is several times better than ordinary ice cubes. Used in conjunction with thermal insulation bags (boxes, boxes, barrels) can effectively keep food fresh, suitable for school, work, outdoor work, outdoor activities, travel, etc.
2. It is widely used in the transportation of temperature-sensitive products such as aquatic products, flowers, and fruits. It can also be used in medical care (cold compress), sports health care, beauty and skin care and other fields.
3. This product is made of high-tech biological materials, which meets food-grade standards and is hygienic and environmentally friendly. The gel in the product is a non-toxic, harmless and non-polluting ingredient, and its packaging can prevent bacteria, mildew and mold from growing in the container.
4. After freezing, the cold storage capacity is high, the cold storage performance is high, and the duration is long. It is widely used in cooling care, breast milk preservation, and cold storage and transportation of medical supplies, agricultural products, and fresh food
5. The wave ice box can be reused indefinitely and is an economical, environmentally friendly and water-saving product.
6. The wave ice box is also called wave blue ice, ice yellow, etc.
【Product Usage】 
1. Medical use: refrigerated transportation of various biological reagents, medicines, plasma, vaccines, etc.
2. Refrigerated transportation: fresh transportation of poultry meat, fruits and vegetables, dairy products, aquatic products, agricultural products, chocolate, bee products, cooked food and other items
3. Refrigeration and preservation: breast milk preservation, beer and beverage preservation, refrigeration preservation of food and other items
4. Boxed lunch preservation: summer and autumn boxed lunches (or food) are prone to spoilage. The ice box and the bento can be put into the ice pack to keep the bento low, and the bento can be heated for consumption when it is needed.
5. In-car use: It can be used as a car refrigerator, and you can enjoy fresh, delicious, icy drinks and food anytime, anywhere.
6. Outdoor use: It is an ideal product for keeping cool food and drinks during camping, picnic barbecue, fishing and long-distance travel.
7. Cold storage and electricity saving: energy saving and electricity saving; when the refrigerator is powered off, it releases cold energy to extend the freshness of food, fruits and vegetables
Put things and the frozen "ice box" in a closed insulation bag (box) to keep them fresh and not deteriorate. (The use time varies slightly depending on the environment, and is several times longer than the thawing time of ordinary ice cubes). When dissolving, it will not produce a large amount of condensed water like ice, and the food will not be soaked in water.
Freeze in the refrigerator for about 10 hours, take it out, and put it in a heat preservation container together with the items that need refrigeration. Repeated freezing and thawing can be used indefinitely.
1. This product cannot be heated, it can be cleaned with household cleaners, not dishwashers.
2. Do not deform or damage the product under heavy pressure
3. The items in the box are not edible