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Time : 2020-12-07 10:54:25
The most popular this summer!! Japan's rapid cooling ice crystal scarf
Super popular item in Japan! Mobile cooling ~~ A super hot product for all adults and children! 8000 sales in 10 days! ! It's so magical and practical, don't believe it! The most popular, simple and practical way to escape the heat this summer! Japan and Taiwan News warmly recommend the introduction, and now it is imported in limited quantities and imported from Japan by air! !
Just soaking in water can protect you from the heat? ! Japan's latest technology has developed a magical cooling scarf that can prevent heat stroke as long as it is soaked in water! Soak the scarf in water so that the absorbent resin in the scarf is full of water, and it can be cooled for more than 12 hours! While absorbing moisture and evaporating, it also has the effect of absorbing heat, which can remove all uncomfortable heat sensations, keep your body at a comfortable temperature, and give you a long-term cool feeling! Adults and children in every family in Japan are a must-have to prevent heatstroke when going out in such a hot summer. Scarves can quickly cool off the heat and be very environmentally friendly. As long as you have him, you will never worry about going out. Fa panic
It is strongly recommended for people with the following conditions:
●Long hair, every time in the summer, my back neck gets hot to death. I don’t want to cut my hair and I don’t want to tie my hair up every day to become a permanent hairstyle. It’s really hot!
●The little baby at home is always clamoring to go out to play. The summer weather is so hot, and if you don’t get distracted to wipe off the sweat, the little baby has a heatstroke and a cold. It is really annoying that you can’t keep him at home on holidays!
●I have to ride a bicycle for half an hour and an hour to go to work every day. The weather is so hot and I wear a safety helmet. My head is about to explode! ! !
●Workers who have been working on the construction site for a long time are like hell in summer. As a son or daughter, now is the time to show your filial piety. Buy this amazing newest Japanese cooling belt and give it to your hardworking dad! !
No matter when and where you can feel the coolness, you can also enjoy the summer with the Water Cool Scarf this summer!
2007/05/23 14:53 Excerpt from Dongsen News: reporter Huang Ningya / Compilation ---- When the scorching summer day is here, is there any coup to expel the heat? Now because of the product launch, some Japanese people who are walking are wearing a belt around their heads and necks. It turns out that this is the latest mobile cooling belt containing water-absorbent fats, which can last up to 10 times as long as they are full of water. Hours of cooling effect. Japanese people said: "As long as you are full of water, you can keep it cold for a long time. It is quite simple and environmentally friendly to use."
Smart Japanese operators take advantage of global warming and the hotter and hotter weather, and take advantage of various coups to cool off the heat, not only to let the Japanese people spend a refreshing summer easily, but also to make a lot of money for themselves. White flower bills to be a fan
Product specifications: Magical cooling scarf (1 piece) Size: 104x6cm Material: 100% cotton, special absorbent resin
Color: Japanese pretty red, refreshing ice sky blue star, sunny goose yellow star (suitable for both male and female adults and children) The colors are shipped randomly
product features:
●Just soak in water for 20-30 minutes to feel the coolness. If the cooling sensation subsides, just re-soak in water to restore cooling and comfort!
●Thin and light design will not cause uncomfortable feeling to the neck! I won't wet the clothes!
● Color patterns are popular and match clothes, and matching clothes are also very suitable!
●A storage cover is included, so you can take it with you anytime, anywhere, and put it in when you don't need to use it. No need to worry about getting your bag wet!
●Work and study: refreshing and relieving fatigue ●Outing trip: heatstroke prevention and cooling, skin care and eye protection ●Sports and fitness: cooling and sweat absorption, relaxing and cooling ●Heatstroke and fever: rapid cooling, analgesic and refreshing ●Lack of sleep: eliminating eye bags and removing dark circles
【Instructions for use】
●For the first use, please immerse the ice towel in water and fully absorb the water (about 10 minutes) before using it. Can be rubbed gently
The cooling crystal in the middle helps to absorb water and expand it evenly
●Take out and dry the surface with a dry towel, and wear an ice towel on the neck, head, wrists, etc.
●The ice towel can be used repeatedly. After 24 hours of use, the ice-cold belt will return to its original state of use. It can be stored after drying, or it can be used continuously. To use again, just soak in water. Be careful not to soak for too long.
●If the scarf is dirty, it can be washed gently with running water, do not use washing machine and detergent